• Marching at the Women’s March On Denver

    First of all, wow, wow, wow, WOW! The Women’s Marches across the country were all insanely successful — an estimated 5 MILLION women, men, and children came out worldwide to show their support for women’s rights on January 21, 2017! Just the Women’s March On Denver alone was responsible for 200,000 of those people, more than four times as many as were expected. We’ve seen some amazing pics from women across the country, so post your photos on our Facebook if you haven’t already and share your support with all our members.

    10 Actions 100 Days

    Every 10 days we will take action on an issue we all care about, starting today. — Women’s March on Washington

    So the question on all our minds — What do we do next? We’ve made our voices heard and we’ve started a movement, but if you’re not sure how to keep the momentum going, the official Women’s March on Washington is starting a campaign of 10 actions you can take over the next 100 days to take action and bring your family, friends, and community together. You can read more about their first action, mailing a postcard to your Senator, here.

    Stay Informed

    How many of us can say we know what our elected officials are doing, much less who they are? Keep yourself up to date on proposed policies, attend local city council meetings, or find out if your legislative representatives are having town

    hall meetings in your community. Instead of scrolling through Facebook and fuming at the nonsense people leave in the comments, check out sites like League of Women Voters. Here you can find your local league and read through the action items in your state and county (like these in Colorado).

    Get Involved

    Volunteering is where the Volunteer Fight Club started, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of our favorite activities to recommend to anyone that’s looking to make a difference. There are so many different ways and avenues to volunteer and it would be impossible to list them all, but here are just a few in Colorado:

    Are you continuing the movement in a different way? Send us an email or comment below and let us know what you’re doing to stay involved and keep this momentum going, and don’t forget to join our newsletter for weekly Action Items updates!