• Volunteer Fight Club Monthly Meeting – February

    Last night’s monthly meeting at Intersect Brewing was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out and thank you to Intersect Brewing for hosting us. Read over the brief recap below or download the meeting notes for more information.

    The March meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 16th, location to be determined.

    Monthly Meeting Rundown

    Women’s Day of Service Fort Collins

    • We are still receiving volunteer registrations and organizer registrations (over 200 volunteers now).
    • We will be sending assignments before February 24th, 2017.
    • Please make sure that you’re checking your email over the next couple of weeks for updates.
    • We are looking into alternative indoor opportunities in the case of bad weather.
    • T-shirts: Would members be interested in purchasing commemorative t-shirts for a small fee, $10-15? It seemed everyone attending the meeting was interested.

    Recap Feb 11, 2017 Town Hall

    Recap Feb 11, 2017 Solidarity with PP Rally

    • Turnout numbers were in the thousands, put together by AJ Kelley & Fort Collins Girl Gang.
    • Speakers included John Kefalas & Joann Ginal, as well as respresentatives from NoCo Now, CSU Dems, and more.
    • Raised over $1,500 for Planned Parenthood

    Mayoral Candidate Questions

    • We will interview the local mayoral candidates over the next week and post our interviews on the site.
    • Submit your questions in card form or via email. You can also use the form up on the site.

    VFC Ambassadors

    • We will be looking for people passionate about specific subjects (Climate Change, Homelessness, etc.) to get directly involved with VFC.
    • Activities will include researching, blogging, and outreach to arrange volunteer opportunities.
    • Meet offline to discuss interest or contact VFC for more information.

    Upcoming Events

    Download the Notes

    Any questions? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get them answered!